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Remodeling and Home Design

Balustrade Profiles
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The following pages illustrate dimensional information, including weight, and cost factors for individual parts. You would need this information to order parts for customizing a standard unit for a particular situation, or to mix and match pieces to suit your design. Also noted in the table are the baluster spacing requirements to meet 4" and 6" ball codes. To order pieces, determine the profiles and sizes desired. Refer to the Generic Parts Code to specify the part required, i.e. straight, finished end, cope radius, etc.

Important Note: In using these lists, please pay special attention to the ZZ, or setting bed, dimension of the base and hand rails in relation to the ZZ dimension of the balusters. Use the drawing at right to determine the setting bed or ZZ of each hand and base rail. The baluster must be the same size or smaller than the rails at the setting bed for proper fit and construction. To determine the finished overall heights of mixed parts, add 11/8" total for mortar joints between stones. For balusters with lugs, add 7 inches to charted dimension.
Dimensional Fields

Hand Rails Base Rails
  Profiles and samples of straight rail   Profiles and samples of straight rail










Stock Radii are noted to center line of base rail (typical)