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Welcome to Stone Legends
Cast Stone Products from Stone Legends in Dallas, TX
Stone Legends manufactures cast stone and cut stone of the highest quality. We specialize in crafting beautiful cast stone columns, cast stone veneers, balustrades and window and door surrounds.
Cast Stone Columns and Cast Stone Balustrades from Stone Legends in Dallas, TX
We have been supplying quality cast stone products nationwide from our plant in Dallas, TX since 1992.
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What is Cast Stone?

Cast Stone is essentially a man-made limestone, a cost effective, aesthetic building material. View our Cast Stone Technical Section for more information.

Cast Stone Vs. Natural Limestone

When comparing manmade cast stone products to quarried stone, three factors need to be taken into consideration: Time, Cost and Durability.

When making cut stone parts with intricate design work, such as a Corinthian capital, the same amount of time is involved in reproducing each individual part. When using cast stone, once the original design work is complete on the first stone produced, the time is dramatically reduced on all following cast stones produced. Because of the speed and ease of producing additional pieces, the cost is substantially lower as well.

Cast stone is more durable than natural limestone due to the process by which it is produced. By hand-forging each part, casted stone gains strength and durability without the air pockets that are common in natural stone.

Need something unique, want to design a special cast stone item?

Just take a hop over to the Profiles area and get acquainted with the shapes and parts used to make masonry units. A great way to add custom design or reduce prices is by isolating parts and profiles that you want.

Where can I see some of your cast stone products installed?

By looking through the Gallery area you can see a small sampling of our work on satisfied customers projects. We can also offer to find some of our cast stone installed on a home or office near you. Contact us to find out more.

Truth in Stone: The Official blog of Stone Legends

Welcome to Truth In Stone, the weblog for Stone Legends. Truth In Stone was created to exchange ideas and facilitate communication within our community. The site is written and edited by Stone Legends and its affiliate companies. Visit our Blog

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Where should I start?

Sign Up for a membership and view any of our almost 10,000 AUTOCad DWG files and over 30,000 additional support documents on all of our units, including Cast Stone Entries, Cast Stone Columns and Pedestals, Cast Stone Windows and Doors, even Cast Stone Site Enhancements such as Cast Stone Gazebos, Cast Stone Fountains and Cast Stone Benches.

By Becoming a Member you can "Create a Project" online and start adding units to the project. Contact us and our estimators can then look at your selections, offer assistance and better serve your stone needs! Or simply contact our sales professionals and they will walk you through it.

Looking at reducing cost by building cast stone units from parts?

Build your own units using one of our over 800 different profiles. This will allow you to quickly and affordably create custom stone units such as Cast Stone Windows, Cast Stone Doors, Cast Stone Keystones and Cast Stone Sills.

Thank You

We appreciate your orders and welcome any comments or suggestions you may have regarding our cast stone products or services.

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