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Custom Cast Stone Balustrade, Coping, Architectural Features

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Stone Legends has well over 6,000 castings of architectural Cast Stone products providing not just the highest quality of cast stone but all the necessary documentation to save time and money in handling, installing and caring for these pre-cast concrete products. Our stone products come with Interface-Attachments to help your mason and installers better understand assembly of our products, attaching stone assemblies and field cutting individual parts to fit. We offer Assembly and Part drawings that can be made ready for your architect to insert and use with his plans.

Product Packages
Not quite sure what you're looking for? We've created some great packages to get the creative juices flowing. Cast Stone Packages are organized by area or application. Areas include Pool and Patio, Lawn and Garden, Accents and Art, Facades, Openings and Interiors. We've gathered together some of our most popular cast stone units to create attractive, out-the-door packages. Either by them complete, or just use them to get ideas of your own. Use them to help create your perfect cast stone package.

Product Designers
Use our internally designed templates and processes to select the right products for your project needs. We offer calculators to determine weight, prices and stones needed to complete your project from specifications you supply. See how easy getting budgetary quotes are and estimations for our inventory and sale items. Interactive displays showing design options, how to use and install details and many other ordering help have been created for specific cast stone product groups. Currently Veneer Panels have been completed. Work is being done on Balustrade systems and Windows that should be available very soon.

Over 800 classified and standard profiles are available for entablature, water tables, window surrounds, door surrounds, pool coping, steps and many other applications. Those seeking to reduce costs and order by the linear foot parts can select a Profile and contact our sales agents or design consultants for a free estimate or consultation. Profiles can save you money and time based on selection and availability of our over 2,600 existing molds.

Inventory List
We also offer the ordering of cast stone Units and Parts (?by the foot?) pricing from our growing inventory of stock cast stone products. For the segment of our customer base, where time is the critical factor, we are experts at selling parts by the linear foot. By presenting this the option of receiving the parts and installing in the field we can meet your need for speed or tight money budgets.5