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Cast Stone Colors and Finishes

Stone Legends offers three standard colors for our cast stone products. These colors are Tan, Buff and White.

Available Colors for Cast Stone

The Tan and White colors are comparable to Indiana limestone, while our Buff resembles the limestone indigenous to Texas.

We have tried to make these as accurate as possible, but final color selection should be made from actual samples. Samples will be furnished to you after your job has been setup, and prior to receiving your contract shop drawings, unless specifically requested earlier.

Color Matching
Stone Legends’ products have very little color variation from piece to piece. Slight variations in color are typical with a natural product. If desired, stone can be tinted slightly to even out the overall color. To achieve this:

  1. Take a piece of waste stone to the local paint store. Purchase A100 latex paint in a color that matches the stone.

  2. Dilute the paint to a thin consistency equivalent to stain. Start with 15 parts water to 1 part paint. You may have to adjust the mixture to obtain a very thin stain.

  3. Using a makeup sponge or similar applicator, lightly dab the color on the area to be blended. Be sure to feather the edges to maximize the blending.

  4. Allow to dry. You may use a hand-held dryer to speed the process.

  5. Apply more paint wash if desired. Apply in small amounts to avoid over coloring.

Faux Finish
Faux finishing is the term for decorative painting techniques. Sponging, ragging, ragrolling and color washing are some of the more popular finishing techniques. These techniques are so popular simply because they’re easy, inexpensive and offer a truly customized look. Plus, as an added bonus, they’re easy to correct, simply repaint and start over. All you need are the right tools, some instruction and a little practice.

Decorating retailers can help with the first two of these requirements and offer all the necessary products to get the job done right. Give the decorating centers in your area a call and find out what they have to offer.

Contact the Stone Legends Sales Staff for step by step instructions for these techniques.

There are many methods used to accomplish the aged or antique/faux look. One method is to allow the stone to age naturally. Natural aging occurs due to the growth of algae or bacteria on the surface of the stone. This growth causes the stone to blacken. If natural patina is desired, the stone may not be sealed in any way because this will stop the growth of algae and bacteria.

Cast stone located in close proximity to trees or shaded areas will retain moisture more easily and this will cause the natural patina to occur more rapidly.

However, there are several ways that you can accelerate the process. Contact Stone Legends for additional information.

Color Washing Cast StoneColor Washing
Color washing is one of the fastest finishes to produce and creates the softest finish. Consider doing multiple color washes to achieve a dramatic finish with more depth.

Color Washing Cast StoneRagging Off
Ragging produces a finish with soft variations in tones. This finish is one of the more difficult finishes to master, so it is advised that you work with a partner at first.

Color Washing Cast StoneSmooshing
Smooshing is a very dramatic technique that will enhance the texture and drama of your stone.

Color Washing Cast StoneStone Washing
Stone washing is a grainy and highly textured finishing technique that captures the natural essence of stone.

Custom colors and finishes are available. Call Stone Legends to discuss your options with one of our consultants. A sample will be required in order to match the color to existing stone. Quotes are based on the difficulty of matching the color or finish.

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