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Remodeling and Home Design

Products by Application
Modern Art

AddressBlock (view others) ~ UnitID: 1261

Give us your address information and we'll highlight it in stone.
Grande Scroll 1
Bracket (view others) ~ UnitID: 1402

These scrolls could adorn your grande book case or be used outside to transition wall to house joins.
Statuary (view others) ~ UnitID: 12965

Nice stone art piece to use if planning on vaneering a wall
Panel (view others) ~ UnitID: 15874

Radial door accent or could be used as part of wall accents
Wall Veneer
Panels, Cast (view others) ~ UnitID: 17882

(15 3/4 by 31 3/4) covers 26.5 sqft of wall or patio area. 2 inch thick, can be used for many applicatons

Estimated Package Price
$ 2,054.51

Price Sold Seperately
$ Call for Pricing

Units Included
  1 - Chamfer1 (UnitID 1261)
  4 - Grande Scroll 1 (UnitID 1402)
  1 - Danae (UnitID 12965)
  1 - Sunburst1 (UnitID 15874)
  100 - Wall Veneer (UnitID 17882)

Inside or outside, this package of ornamental cast stone could be used in a wall vaneer application or as a pathway/patio paving project. Includes several accentuating art pieces and 4 scrolls.

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