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Remodeling and Home Design

Wedge Family
Profile families have a numeric extension identifying another generation of a profile. They are the same shape only a different dimension. (Ariel1 Ariel2 and so forth)

Remember, the two important dimensions for profiles are the X and Z.
UnitIDProduct NameX-DimZ-DimY-DimE$timatedPriced By
14009Wedge316"7"12"$ 12.10$/LF
12753Wedge15-1/2"7-1/2"12"$ 11.88$/LF
12755Wedge108"8"12"$ 18.43$/LF
12756Wedge115"6"12"$ 9.83$/LF
12757Wedge126"6-5/8"12"$ 9.17$/LF
12759Wedge133"7"12"$ 8.68$/LF
12760Wedge147-1/2"4"12"$ 8.77$/LF
12761Wedge158"6-5/8"12"$ 13.37$/LF
12762Wedge164-7/8"7-3/4"12"$ 8.47$/LF
12763Wedge174"5"12"$ 9.18$/LF
12764Wedge185"6-1/2"12"$ 9.74$/LF
12765Wedge195-13/16"16"12"$ 26.50$/LF
12766Wedge25"5"12"$ 9.25$/LF
12767Wedge204-1/2"5"12"$ 8.94$/LF
12768Wedge215-1/2"5-1/2"12"$ 9.50$/LF
12769Wedge225"5-1/2"12"$ 9.37$/LF
12770Wedge235"6"12"$ 9.65$/LF
12771Wedge245"9"12"$ 12.43$/LF
12772Wedge255"9"12"$ 12.31$/LF
12773Wedge262-3/4"4-1/2"12"$ 8.41$/LF
12774Wedge2710-7/8"6-1/2"12"$ 20.36$/LF
12775Wedge286-9/16"8-5/8"12"$ 14.69$/LF
12776Wedge2910-5/8"11"12"$ 27.65$/LF
12777Wedge32-1/2"4-1/2"12"$ 8.40$/LF
12778Wedge3010-5/8"12-1/4"12"$ 29.04$/LF
12780Wedge45"4-1/2"12"$ 8.94$/LF
12781Wedge52-3/8"6"12"$ 8.57$/LF
12782Wedge65"8"12"$ 11.52$/LF
12783Wedge72-1/2"6"12"$ 8.41$/LF
12784Wedge810-1/8"6-1/2"12"$ 18.72$/LF
12785Wedge96"3"12"$ 8.47$/LF