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Here are just a few questions with short answers that Stone Legends receives regularly.

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How long will cast stone last?
Some of the oldest monuments still in around were built with cast stone as many as 2,500 years ago.

What is Cast Stone?
Cast Stone is essentially a man-made limestone, a cost effective, aesthetic building material

How is cast stone different from limestone?
Except for better durability, detail and price, it is similar to natural limestone in virtually every way.

Where do we start?
There are several ways to start the ordering process. Let our estimators help you. Even a magazine clipping will get you into stone. For more information, check out our Sales Documents.

Where can I see some of your stone installed?
You can start by checking out our online Gallery. We can often direct you to nearby projects regardless of where you live. We have stone installed in all 50 states and some foreign countries.

How do I keep cast stone clean?
The popularity of interior applications encourages the use of sealers to make the stone resistant to staining with no visible change in appearance. For more information, check out our technical document on How To Clean Cast Stone.

How will my stone be shipped?
We ship by dedicated air ride trucks or crated common carrier. We figure the most cost effective method for your order. Shipments out of Texas have no sales tax. For more information, check out our technical document on Shipping.

How can I find a good, experienced stone mason in my area?
Stone Legendsí has an extensive database to use as a referral service. Let us help you.

What colors are available?
Standard colors are white, tan and buff. These mimic popular limestone colors. Custom colors and finishes are also available. For more information, view our technical document on Colors and Finishes.

How much does installation cost?
Many factors go into determining the cost of installation. Labor costs vary considerably from region to region. Typically cost is about 40% of the cost of stone itself.

Can I paint or faux finish the stone?
Yes, stone can be finished, painted or stained by many techniques. Acid stains are most common. For more information, view our technical document on Colors and Finishes.

What would be the lead time for my order
Many factors affect lead times. Some products are available today. We are the first to offer inventory for a wide variety of items. A full order can come from inventory, stock item production or custom item production. Custom items take longer.

Will someone come to my job site to take measurements?
Stone Legendsí simple verification of control dimensions makes this step and expense unnecessary.

Do I need to seal cast stone to protect it from the elements?
None is necessary. However, sealing is often desirable to retain the pristine look and it lasts 10+ years. Unsealed, a natural patina will evolve. For more information, view our technical document on Sealers.

How does your estimate compare?
Not all quotes are the same. The bid is the beginning of the specification process. How much stone and where it will be is made clear by the line item. For more information about our bid/proposal process, view our Sales Documents.

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