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Cast Stone History

  1. History

    1. Cast stone has been a prime building material for hundreds of years. The earliest known use of Cast stone dates around the year 1138.

      1. Some structures are still standing today.
      2. In many cases, cast stone has outlasted natural cut stone.

    2. Since the early 1920’s, cast stone has been widely used and accepted as a  suitable replacement for natural cut stone.

  2. Custom Qualities

    1. Adds to the aesthetic value (example: balustrades)
    2. Shapes and forms in a wide variety
    3. Contrasts well with natural stone or brick

  3. Utility Properties

    1. In many cases, (with special considerations) the cast stone can be fitted as load-bearing
    2. At entryways, etc., Where traffic wear can be a problem, cast stone holds up beautifully
    3. Many designs incorporate cast stone as added protection for the structures:

      1. Wall caps
      2. Window/door surrounds
      3. Precipitation lines or water table

  4. Customer Satisfaction

    1. Cast stone not only adds visible beauty, but adds value

      1. Today’s sophisticated consumer wants their investment to stand the test of time
      2. Cast stone is structurally visible

    2. Adds credibility to the builder’s intent on quality
    3. Many of a builder’s efforts are not seen; cast stone offers the builder an opportunity for the public to visually see his efforts.
    4. Cast stone is easily recognized as quality; it enhances a builders reputation for the future.